The Day My Life Changed

I barely slept that night. There was a mixture of worries and high anticipation going through my mind. I barely noticed the uncomfortable sofa bed I was lying upon in the delivery  room. I have been waiting for nearly nine months now and the due date for the birth of my little girl has just expired.me2

In this nearly dark room, I can see the marks of exhaustion on my wife’s face, accentuated by the drugs she has been receiving that left her lethargic. In this a room filled with beeping machines and nurse  interruptions, she slept, I tried not to wake her up.

The nurses and physicians tried their best to reassured us, “the baby is healthy and moving well; however there’s no sign that she is coming out soon.” Contractions were weak and dilation was progressing very slowly. We kept waiting.

The sun rose to open up a brand new day, but the baby refused to leave the maternal womb causing my wife’s blood pressure to rise to unprecedented level. By mid afternoon, the team approached us, a decision has been made: it’s time to remove her from her protective envelop. The room was quickly rearranged and instruments were pulled out. For a few minutes that felt like hours, physicians and nurses worked to bring her out. Finally, a little purple human who looks like a doll emerged and burst into cry. I cut the umbilical cord with the scissors the physician handed me. She is clean, wrapped, and put in my arms. I looked at her little face; she was gazing at me; our eyes crossed each others. At that time I realized, “my life will never be the same.”


me    Serge Destin, Contributor

Daddy Crisis!

Daddy Crisis!

Do we need anymore stats to let us know that fatherhood is in crisis? we bet that all of you, our readers, know someone who grew up or is growing up without a father and we are not talking about orphans. Perhaps you are one. How bad is it really? Well just do a google or bing search if you want to know because we have no intention on dwelling on this; we spend our time working on solutions.

This is why we have created the League of Extraordinary Dads. Before you ask let me tell you that we are just ordinary  men who do the thing ordinary men do. What’s extraordinary about us? We made the decision to go against the trend that is to impregnate women and walk off leaving the children under the sole care of their mothers. Not that we are perfect fathers, but we have promise our children to stick by them always and to provide them the best we can offer.

We want  the League of Extraordinary Fathers to be a community where dads everywhere can engage each other, sharing thoughts, advices, good moments with their children as well as their struggles.

So if you are a father or an expecting one, join us along with all the fathers that you know whether friends or relatives.

Also, If you are a mother or expecting one don’t think that you are been sideline.  We are also counting on you to join and help us because it’s very hard for men to be good fathers without good mothers by their side.

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Welcome to the league!