Kids love Greens

vegiThe idea that kids don’t like their greens is a myth. Naturally, kids love fruits and vegetables, we, parents, teach them to love meat and despise the foods that are beneficial for their bodies. Fruits and vegetables have everything that the kids need to grow healthily: vitamins, minerals, amino acids (building blocks of protein), enzymes, and fatty acids (healthy fats). Furthermore, they don’t have the toxins that processed foods and meat have. Let’s make a little comparison between an organic carrot vs. a donut.


Nutrients Organic carrot Donut
Amino acids 1/32
Fatty acids X
Enzymes X
Vitamins and mineral X
Water 1/20
Toxins (not a nutrient) X

Source: An Incredible Diet, Healthy from Inside Out video series. Drs. Davis Rudy and Jeanie.

You, fathers, need to understand that when you give your kids donuts and other foods that are alike, you are only feeding them sugar mixed with saturated fat (bad fat). Some of you are probably saying, “it’s not me; it’s their mother.” Well, you are the man, right? Start by setting the example; choose your foods wisely, and with love and patience, you will win them over.



Serge Destin, author

Co-founder of the League of Extraordinary Dads



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