Wisdom to decide – Part I

As a kid, I did not automatically make the connection between wisdom and decision making. I believed wisdom was the domain of old men with white beards. Decisions were the cdecision-youthhoices we make to satisfy the moment or our immediate needs. Obviously, I was wrong. While I do not believe that all teenagers and young people are as naïve as I was, statistics show that this demographic group is prone to making decision that can negatively impact their lives for decades. Though empowered to make decisions, they are ill-equipped as wisdom is absent in the decision-making process.

The common dictionary defines wisdom as soundness of action or decision with regards to the application of experience, knowledge and good judgement. We can all agree that wisdom is a set of principles that guide our decisions. Void of wisdom, our decisions are arbitrary, impulsive and dangerous. This is mightily important as we are the culmination of years of decisions. We are the product of the decisions we make. To illiterate the power of decisions without the benefit of wisdom, I ask you to consider Mo’s story.

The early to mid-90s were the years gangster rap and music videos facilitated the merging of urban street culture and pop culture. At that time Mo was exiting middle school and entering high school. In elementary and in most of middle school, he had a reputation for taking his studies seriously. But like most of his peer, Mo was captivated by Hip-Hop. Many of his peers simply enjoyed the music but Mo’s fascination served as the lubricant for his decadence and transformation.

Moise Phanor,

Co-founder of the League of Extraordinary Dads, LLC

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